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Enfranchisement & Right to Manage

Enfranchisement & Right to Manage

We have experience in both Right to Manage and Enfranchisement. 

About our Enfranchisement & Right to Manage Services

We have carried out Right to Manage for a number of Residents Groups who have now effectively developed into full Resident Management Companies. Our role can start with the rallying of the required numbers, explaining the Right to Manage and the opportunity the Legislation provides for groups to lead on the Management of the property in which they have a considerable financial investment. 

For our Resident Management Company clients, we make the most of our valued working relationship with the leaseholders to gather support for initiatives such as Enfranchisement. This delivers enhanced Asset Value and an efficient way for a group to Enfranchise or where the participation is insufficient to carry our collective Lease Extension projects.

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