Residential Services

Residential Services

We manage in excess of 60 developments on behalf of Freeholders, Resident Management Companies and Right to Manage Companies


I visited my apartment yesterday and I would just like to say how well the common parts were maintained! The staircase carpet & walls were immaculate. This is the first time I have ever congratulated a Managing Agent!

Alliance have now managed the development for five years and have been very professional and excellent in all aspects, particularly any outstanding service charge debt collection, communication and the delivery and coordination of external and internal works to the building. Such a change from all the previous agents!

Could you please pass on a very big 'thank you' to all your team at Alliance MA for paving the way for new beginnings at our site. Your sound legal advice, professional guidance and experience enabled a complete turn around. We now have transparency where finances are concerned and a much cleaner environment for us all to live in. A complete transformation indeed. Greatly appreciated

I cannot imagine how much work you must all have put in to getting previous years' accounts corrected. I think you are doing an excellent job.

If an emergency should arise, please do not hesitate to contact either our office, or if out of hours, the numbers shown on our block specific Information Sheet. 

Whilst inspections of the properties are carried out on a regular basis and contractors who attend to gardening, cleaning and other matters, report back with any comments, should you find anything that needs our attention, please let us know. 

For instance, should you find an overflow pipe leaking please let as know which flat the leak is likely to be coming from no that we may contact that lessee directly to prevent possible damage to the building.

Terms used on your bill:

Service Charge in Advance

Service Charge due in advance based upon estimated expenditure. This is charged in quarterly, half yearly or yearly instalments.

Balancing Charge

The difference between actual expenditure and the estimated service charge. Please note the service charge demands are estimates for amounts that are likely to fall due during the course of the year. As stated above, the difference between the anticipated amount and the actual expenditure gives rise to a balancing charge, which may mean either a credit or further debit is made after the service charge accounts have been audited. Your solicitors are likely to have requested such information from us at the time of sale and may have confirmed this to you. The accounts are audited at any time up to six months after the financial year-end so the balancing charge may not be known until such time has elapsed. Where an ‘end of year balancing charge’ is requested, payment by return is required. Should you have recently purchased your property, please consult your solicitors with any queries you have relating to this.

Building Works Contribution

A sum requested as your individual contribution to a project of major works such as external redecoration and associated repairs.

Should you have any questions on the above, please contact us.

Internet Banking

You will need to provide your bank with our bank details, your reference number, and the amount to pay as detailed on the “Application for Payment”.

Direct Debit or Standing Order

Although we are legally bound to collect monies in accordance with the terms of the lease, we do have the provision, for certain properties, to accept payment by monthly direct debit or standing order. Please contact us for further information. Even if you have a standing order in place an ‘Application for Payment’ will still be sent to you prior to each due date. Your monthly payment will be credited to your account from your bank account. Please check your payments and amend as necessary so that they are sufficient to clear your account before the end of the service charge period. If your monthly payments will not cover the amount due or there are additional items that will not be covered by the standing order, such as Major Works levies, then these amounts must be settled separately. If you wish to pay by standing order, please contact your bank and provide them with our bank details and your reference number detailed on the ‘Application for Payment’. For Direct Debits, please contact our offices in the first instance.

Web Portal — Credit Card or Debit Card

Please log-on to our on-line portal which will allow you to make payments via card or please call us on 0203 328 1950 if you wish to pay over the phone and have your card details available. A handling fee may be applicable.


Please make cheques payable as stated on the front of your ‘Application for Payment’. Please attach the remittance slip as failure to do this may delay processing. If a receipt is required, kindly provide a stamped addressed envelope.

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