Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who are Alliance?

We were established in 2008 to provide Property Management Services to residential properties throughout London and the South East. We now manage in excess of 60 developments on behalf of Freeholders, Resident Management Companies and Right to Manage Companies.

Why do I pay a Service Charge?

This is to cover the provision of services dictated by the terms of the Lease/Transfer of Part. Typically, this may include items such a cleaning, gardening, communal electricity, repairs, management and accounting fees, amongst others where applicable on individual properties. For a more detailed explanation please refer to your annual service charge budget or contact us for a copy.

Why do I pay Ground Rent?

Leaseholders may be obliged under the terms of the Lease to pay a charge to their respective Freeholder, for the land upon which the property is built and for rights for access across the communal grounds and areas.

Why do I pay Buildings Insurance to you?

If the Freeholder or Management Company have the responsibility, as defined by the Lease, to insure the property then your share will either be apportioned to you, or paid for from the service charge if Building Insurance is included within the budget. Please note that if you do pay Building Insurance through us then you should not have insurance with any third party such as your mortgage company.

What happens if I do not pay?

Payments are due in accordance with the legally binding contract that you signed when you bought the property and we cannot have a situation whereby some owners are having to subsidise the nonpayment of others. There are, therefore, various means in place to enable us to collect monies due, the most onerous of which is that you may stand to forfeit (lose) your property because of non-payment. These processes are not cheap and we will always push to have all costs paid for by the defaulting party. However, if you have a genuine query or payment difficulties then please contact us. We will always endeavour to assist with additional information or advice, albeit that we cannot reduce the charge for any individual.

Why do I pay extra for Major Works such as External Redecorations?

If the Service Charge budget does not include an allowance for a Sinking Fund then items of Major Works need to be apportioned and charged as a separate item. There may be occasions where this apportionment is to cover a shortfall between the cost of the works and the amount held in the Sinking Fund.

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