Commercial Services

Financial Management: (Commercial)

Financial Management: (Commercial)

Transparent accountancy services are delivered by our experienced, in-house financial team.


Transparent accountancy services are delivered by our experienced, in-house financial team. Their remit includes rent collection and immediately accounting to the client. Service charge budgeting and accounting. Insurance recharged as per under the terms of the lease. VAT Reporting and filing to HMRC. Detailed and bespoke financial reporting is available to clients.

We provide the following financial services on behalf of our commercial clients:

Rent Collection

Rent collection with provision for immediate accounting to the client once the rents have been received.


Manage VAT, Reporting and filing VAT returns to HMRC if required by the client.

Reporting to Client

Detailed Client Statements to the clients and bespoke reporting in any format. We have the ability to upload data to the clients own software if required.

Service Charge Budgeting/Administration

Where relevant, prepare the Service Charge budgets and apportion it as per the terms of the lease. Apportion and recover insurance on behalf of the client.

Payments to Suppliers

Timely payments to Suppliers/Contractors and maintain the Suppliers Ledger

Designated Client Bank Account

All clients’ monies are held in designated bank accounts and are reconciled to our ledgers on a daily basis. Manage and administer clients own bank accounts if required.

Fully transparent record keeping

All record keeping is transparent.

Reducing arrears

We vigorously pursue unpaid rent and other charges. Debt collection action is taken where necessary, working with the clients to reduce the debt to a minimum.

Trust Tax & PAYE Services

Calculate and manage, Trust Tax, provide PAYE services for employees and file returns to the HMRC as and when required.

Database of Key Dates

A database of key lease dates is kept including Rent Reviews, Lease end dates and break notices. No key dates will ever be missed.

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